RTMP Encoders

SlashVid provides you with a streaming solution that leverages existing encoding investments and scales elastically to enable your webcast to reach global audiences. Connect your RTMP encoders to SlashVid’s cloud-based video platform and broadcast live streams to tens of thousands of viewers. SlashVid ingests your RTMP feed and converts it to HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to deliver video at scale with minimum video buffering.

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Automatic Recording

With SlashVid, every live stream you create is automatically recorded and uploaded to your cloud. SlashVid's the easiest way to make your live videos available for your audience. SlashVid makes recording easier for you. All you have to do is open the app and select any combination of presenters, slideshows, and screen shares you like – SlashVid records everything, automatically synchronizes, in high-definition video.

Explore the report for all details

Deliver a smooth live-streaming experience

Streamline media preparation and enrichment process.

Get insight into your content's performance.

Grow your revenue with content monetization tools

Awesome Features

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