Leading Cloud-based Video Content Management System

SlashVid is the easiest way to manage, live stream, record, and share videos across your organization.


Video Upload and Ingestion

Upload and ingest video. Individual or bulk uploads, via browser, desktop app, email or mobile.

Video Transcoding and Processing

Upload your video and we’ll transcode it into multiple flavors.

Video Management

Organize your content, search media, create playlists, and much more.

Content Distribution

Video distribution services let you reach your audience across the web.

Video Marketing and Sharing Platform

Market your video content on partner websites and applications.

Video Streaming and Delivery

Stream quality video, with full security and control.

Video Publishing

Publish quality video across any device - mobile, PC or set-top-box.

Video Editing Tools

Trim videos, add subtitles, and cue points to enable chaptering, advertising, and more.

Live Streaming

Forget the attendance caps, share your live streaming videos with a virtually unlimited audience. With SlashVid, you can live stream your video to any web browser without the need for a special software. Whether you’re webcasting to tens of thousands, or just a weekly meeting for a dozen teammates, SlashVid makes it easier to set up and share a professional quality live webcast. SlashVid lets you record, synchronize high-definition video.

Secure Webcasting

If you’re streaming video to public social media feeds, you’re left with some options. If you’re broadcasting something more important, you need a more secure solution. With SlashVid, you’re in control of who gets to view your live webcasts. Restrict access to people in your organization, or even just specific teams, or individuals. Your viewers are required to log in before they can view a secure webcast, even if they happen to find the direct link to the session.

SlashVid makes video content management easy.

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